Bon Appetit - Meat for a crowd!

It's really exciting to be able to get to work on stories that get you excited. I really like meat, so it was awesome to get to be able shoot at The Meat Hook in Brooklyn for a pre-memorial day story for Bon Appetit. Here's some behind the scenes images from behind the counter at a pretty hip butcher.

I'm Sorry For What I Said When it was Winter

I made it to February 10th this year.  February 10th, 2015 is the day that I snapped, and spent the better part of my day regretting being me, and apologizing to my wife and kids for being the grumpiest person ever.  I'm thankful for Jesus and Grace and Forgiveness, because without them, I'd be in even worse off shape than I am.

If you're like me and the dark, and the cold, and the snow days break you down, there's probably someone you need to apologize to. And if it hasn't happened yet, here's some iPhone and desktop wallpapers to help remind you that when you do snap, you should say sorry.  Don't forget, March 21st is fast approaching.  We'll get there together. 


Topo Designs Editorial Shoot

For a long time now, I have loved Topo Designs and the bags they make.  It was a pleasure to get to work with Jedd and his team to be able to provide them with some images for their lookbook and website usage. Its also nice to be able to get to showcase what the North East has to offer, even when working with companies based in the Rocky Mountains.

Winter Fishing

One of my favorite places to be on is the border of New Jersey and New York state. There's something that seems like such an oasis in the middle of all the craziness that comes along with being in the suburbs of the biggest city in the whole world.  Even in the winter, or maybe especially in the winter, I just need to get outside.


I don't know if I'd say Cory is my guide exactly.  He is my friend, and he knows a lot more about fishing than me.