New York On Film - Oct 18th 2014


New York On Film - Oct 18th 2014


New York on Film is a 1-Day film workshop, designed to immerse photographers into the film world, in a way that is fun, relaxed and exciting. Learn more about handling, metering exposing film, as well as modern processing workflows.

We'll get together on October 18th for coffee, shooting, discussing, burgers, more shooting, portraits sessions, beverages and Q+A. Seating is limited (Min. 6 people Max 15)

Want to see 'On Film' in a city near you? Email us and let us know!

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New York on Film is a 1-Day film workshop, designed to immerse photographers in the film world in a way that is fun, relaxed and exciting.


A group of 15 people will meet up at a coffee shop in lower Manhattan where you'll be treated to tasty coffee, lattes, or cappuccinos. Here, everyone will have a chance to meet & mingle as well as receiving your NYoF kit:
• NYoF Canvas Tote
• 4 Rolls of film - 3 color / 1 B&W
• 1 field journal to take down notes of all the awesome things you'll learn
• NYoF Pocket Guide
• Discount Code to XYZ Lab

• Stickers & Fun Things!

Next we'll head out into town to start shooting! Our first session walking around Chinatown, Soho and Nolita will cover shooting & metering landscapes/cityscapes and street photography. The group will move around together and in between teaching points I'll be able to answer individual questions and work 1-on-1 with all students.


After Session 1 we'll break for lunch at (drumroll please) Shakeshack! Madison Square park will accommodate a group our size well, the burgers are stellar, and its centrally located between session I and session II.  As lunch closes we'll arrange some burgers fries and drinks and discuss metering for food and have a chance to shoot a few frames.

After a short walk over to Chelsea we'll meet our model for the day and everyone will have the chance to shoot with instruction.  We'll cover metering for portraits, as well as different lighting techniques.

To wrap up in style, we'll head to our backyard Q+A location in Nolita. Our 1 hour Q+A will include adult beverages, water and snacks, and you'll have a chance to answer any questions you may have before heading off!

10AM - Coffee & Greeting
11AM - Walk + Shoot
01PM - Lunch + Food Metering
02PM - Walk to Chelsea + Shoot
03PM - Model Shoot in Chelsea
06PM - Q+A + Closing + Hangout

Other Details:

Event is October 18th 10AM-7PM
In case of Rain - Schedule will change - Event will still Occur 

This is not a photography workshop, this is a workshop to learn how to handle, meter and expose film and what to do with it afterwords. There will be discussion of photographic composition and techniques, but prior knowledge of photography is implied.

You will need a camera for this event.  This will focus on shooting medium format film, but you may shoot a 25mm camera if you'd like.  You will need to inform me at least 2 weeks in advance of the workshop if you intend to bring a 35mm camera.